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This season gave us a couple of very promising and bright talents who will step up and fight for major titles next season, we think. The guys we list below will substitute Nick Kyrgios, who has already outgrown the stage of young and promising players and now is a huge upset for the majority of more experienced opponents, which is very hard to achieve in today’s tennis. So, here we go!

Borna Coric

No doubts, that Coric is a future star of men’s tour. We see no reason for him not to break into the tennis elite. Maybe, only bad injuries can do their job and let him down. He is now aged 17! Just imagine. Only 17! Borna Coric hasn’t yet finished school, but has already defeated Roger-Vasselin and secured himslef a 176 world’s ranking. Fantastic! Coric also played at the Grand Slam event, US Open, getting no wildcard but coming through qualifying. Incredible! Usually we don’t use loud words of comparison, but the young Borna reminds us of the junior Novak Djokovic. Childish face expression, fighter’s instincts and the same self-possession and cold blood, untypical of teenagers. He loses no nerves even in long and important rallies struggling for every score to the end. The Croatian’s physical data are just awesome: almost two meters high, strapped and dry, which gives him more endurance when playing in hot weather conditions. His techniques are perfect too: accurate and reliable backhand, sharp forehand, excellent serve. Borna also knows all peculiarities of net playing. What surprises more is his working capacity. Many experts mark how his hard work during the training sessions. The boy longs for loud victories and resounding achievements. We sincerely believe that he would be able not to catch star sickness. These days he already plays on top 70 level and judging by his latest progress it isn’t a limit for him. He needs time to grow up and strengthen a bit. He has everything for success: talent, desire to work and a head screwed on the right way…So, come on, Borna Coric, come on!

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Filip Krajinovicfilip

Now let us introduce you young Serb. Another representative of the Balkan tennis school. This guy has almost found a spot in the first hundred, having displayed really cool tennis this season. Like Coric, he has almost no weak points. This year he has climbed up more than 100 ranking positions and there are no marks that he’s going to stop. The fellow is very strong and sturdy with no real drawbacks in techniques: forehand, backhand and serve – all elements are as they should be. The only thing that should be further developed is his tennis vision, at times he relies on his consistency only. Consequently, his more sophisticated opponents outplay him in class due to his relaxed decisions. And frankly speaking there is another reason for that: Krajinovic hits very inconsistent sharp shots, especially from his forehand. In some matches he hits all aims, in some matches only several balls find the opponent’s part of the court. So the Serb has to hone this element. But I think he’ll easily do this. He is a very good and plastic material, requiring some polishing. His main plus side is his versatility. Filip Krajinovic plays equally well on all surfaces. He has successfully proved it during the clay portion of the season and on hard. Such flexibility is very important for gaining further ranking points. So Krajinovic is rightly assigned with a second place in our top of young and promising players.  

Mate Delic

Mate Delic servesThis Croatian could lay claim to the second position in our ranking, but for one black spot.  To be more precise, the only surface he plays well on is clay. Frankly speaking, we see no reasons for him not to show good results on hard, as he has all prerequisites for this: the serve works, forehand is sharp and powerful, good backhand technique, consistent return, fighter’s mood and the ability to play under pressure. But oddly enough, so far he has shown good results only on clay. Nevertheless, 150 ranking positions for one season is a good achievement, worthy respect and attention. In our opinion, Mate Delic is quite capable of playing on hard, he lacks enough practice of it as almost all minor tournaments giving chance to climb up in rankings are played on clay. Certainly, when you spend almost 90% of circuit on clay, it would be hard to switch to something else. But taking into account his excellent physical data and his natural gift we bet that very soon Mate Delic will step up on hard. He just needs to time to get used to a new kind of surface. In a whole, the Croatian looks very inspiring. And taking into consideration his constitution, nationality and playing style we are probably speaking of a would-be Cilic.

Guy with no medal. Thanasis Kokkinakis.

AustralianWe realize that many of you would disagree with us, as Kokkinakis is currently seen as the most gifted player of his generation. But in our opinion, the Australian is a bit overvalued. Yes, he is very young. Yes, he is very promising. But there are a lot of nuances not to be neglected. First of all, such an overall adoration of Kokkinakis is imposed by mass media. As soon as a new talented player appears somewhere in the USA or in Australia, all mass media start promoting him by all possible means calling him a future Andy Roddick or Lleyton Hewitt. These countries with well-developed mass media network thirst for native originals. Be Borna Coric, Krajinovic or Delic of the Australian or American origins, they would be familiar to any citydog. But these guys were born in small countries and have to make their root to stars themselves. Yes, tennis federation helps them a bit, by granting wildcard to some definite tournaments. But it’s a drop in the ocean. How much better the things are going on in Australia. Play as much as you want.  Thanasis Kokkinakis plays for nothing at the Australian Series, as well as at the US Series where he receives one wildcard after another. We’ve happened to watch the play of the Australian. He is very undercooked. First of all, he has some physiological issues. He can barely play under pressure when hу can’t get the best of his emotions. If something goes wrong, Kokkinakis loses control and may lose to anyone, which was proved this season. Even despite his opponent being weaker than he is.  His tennis vision is also very suspicious. The choice of shoots can’t be explained sometimes: Thanasis tend to choose very risking shots being impatient in the rallies. He is also very weak in tactics. As soon as you play defending tennis against him, he loses control over the play. Another doubtful aspect of the Australian is his work ethics. He has been noticed by the media of breaching sports regime. As for his plus sides, he has very good serve and wonderful techniques. Shall he catch his rhythm, his backhand and forehand become really sharp. But it doesn’t happen very often.  No doubts that he is very talented, but there is still a lot of work for him to do.  

And in conclusion a series of best shots.

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