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Bookmakers review. Bankroll

Choosing a right bookmaker to bet with is an essential step for successful betting. We have already stated that the main factor to be considered before registering your account is the bookmaker’s margin. And in this article we will try to concentrate on the most reliable bookmakers (or bookies) to bet against to enhance your profit chances. To begin with, let us warn you. Be prepared to face some problems by playing with low-margin bookmakers: at times betting lines are published with delay and significantly changed. Sometimes the interface of such bookies may have some defects, and the questions with cash withdrawing may occur, and the support service is also far from being perfect. But all these shortcomings are nothing if you take into consideration that playing against the bookmakers with high margin you will hardly ever withdraw money at all, and your account will probably be blocked no sooner then you earn your first 1000 bucks. This is the cost you’ll pay for choosing a high-margin bookie. So here is our comprehensive review of the best sports books with a low margin.

The review of

Bookmake review pinnaclesportsFrom our point of view, Pinnacle is the best bookie on the market today. This booking company offers the highest odds (and consequently the lowest margin). And it’s their low margin Pinnaclesports put emphasis on in all its advertising campaigns. Moreover, this company is known for its loyalty to winning punters, low risk of force majeure events (blocking of the betting account, closure of the company, etc.). Among the main cons is a long process of money withdrawing, but from the other side it can sometimes be beneficial for your safety. So this inconvenience can be forgiven. Another sad fact is the absence of live bets. It’s likely that trying to grasp the low margin, they have let live bets go. And the last point is poor betting lines, which are not very diverse. So at times we won’t find a line for the event you are interested in.

Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t advise those who only start sports gambling to bet with Pinnacle. But as soon as your bankroll increases, be quick to register an account here!

Review of Betfair, online betting exchange

Bookmake review betfair

The runner-up among the bookies is Betfair – one of the most popular and widely promoted bookmakers. It’s not even a bookie as it is, but rather an online betting exchange. Betfair offers the highest odds on all sporting events. But don’t get overexcited! If you take your time and read carefully their gambling rules, you’ll see that you’ll be charged a fee of 0-5% for every winning. And unless you are “a gambling baron”, this commission will make up 3-5% which negates the value of their odds in comparison to that of Pinnacle’s. So be attentive to read the gambling rules from top to bottom.

It’s noteworthy that the Betfair is rather difficult to handle. Be prepared that you’ll have to overcome some difficulties. To get the feel of Betfair, you’ll need to spend hours in front of the computer screen and lose some money, of course. But these are the essential steps to successful gambling. So start familiarizing with this service right now. It provides with a wonderful opportunity of trading in the per-match market on the odds fluctuations. There are almost no limits, so you can wager really big stakes. But don’t forget about the “sharks” who’ll eat you up as soon as you make the first mistake…

Review of Marathonbet bookie

Bookmake review marathon bet We’d like to single out Marathonbet bookie. It’s a very decent sports book offering an opportunity of watching all matches live, setting high odds and loyal to its winning punters. These pros make us believe that this is the best bookie operating in Russia. It’s also the best one to choose for the beginners. Low margin, loyal attitude to winning bettors. But if you start withdrawing too much cash, this attitude will change soon. So don’t keep big sums on your Marathon account (stick to the limit of 2000 bucks in equivalent). Another bad points are the betting lines appearing at times too late and the customer care team working with shortcomings. Once I had some troubles with currency exchange, so it took them a month to solve it.

All other sports books are trifle! Don’t waste your time trying to cooperate with them! Don’t fall for perks, free bets, etc. All these are easily worked out in advance and lead to the odds reduction for various sports events. What is more, the majority of minor bookmakers implements a system of cutting down the successful punters by freezing their accounts, setting betting limits. In other words, you’ll be given various signs to understand that you’re not welcomed here anymore. Do you really need these problems? Having already been in these shoes, I’d definitely say not!

There is another betting company, called William Hill. They are the leaders in money spent on advertisement. No doubt, this bookie is very comfortable to play with: a great variety of betting lines, excellent support service. Everything is just above the skies, even the processes of cash withdraw. But it’s unlikely that you’ll use it: the margin is too high. But if you make your first online betting steps, it would a useful experience to place some bets with it. But only some! Don’t make it a habit!

Our next goal is to look into the betting strategies and the preferable bankroll size. First are betting strategies. We put emphasis on 4 key rules you have to comply with to become a successful bettor.

No multiples (accumulator) bets!

No multyplies betWe often here such exclamations: one of the events has failed to cover the spread, otherwise I’d have won big cash! Wouldn’t it be wiser to place 5 individual bets and guarantee yourself a small, but still a profit? Don’t be greedy; don’t link together 5 or even 10 events. Don’t dream of winning all at one bet! The only winner in this situation will be a bookmaker who has received money from you. This mistake is typical of the beginners. And bookies use it to their advantage. Let us remind you that by multiplying the odds, you multiply the bookmaker’s margin too. Let’s imagine that the bookie’s margin is 5%. When you link these three wagers together, you’ll enrich the bookmaker by (1-0,95*0,95*0,95)*100 = 15%. Three times as much! That’s it…Such bets are very popular with gamblers who have a small bankroll, who hope to increase it by placing one profitable accumulator bet. But believe us, your winning chances will be very low. We know no successful gambler who keeps winning by using this strategy. But if we failed to argue you out from placing accumulator bets, let it be only 2 events. And only as an exception, not as a rule. The main principle you should be guided by is making individual bets. No accumulator bets!

Concentrate on one betting sphere

specialtyDon’t be stupid and don’t beat the bookie all around! There are some gamblers who beat on all events possible: English Premier League, German Bundesliga, tennis tournaments, baseball and NBA events – and all within one day. How are they able not to mix it all up, we can’t explain. And frankly speaking they are not very successful in it. Sooner or later they start losing. You should understand it that the bookies calculate the odds professionally, so to beat them you have to surpass them in some aspect. And when you try to cover all betting markets, you’ll simply lack time to choose a valuable event. Pick up one football league, hockey championship or just concentrate on tennis. In this case you’ll posses enough time to analyze the selected field and to take advantage of the bookies.

Bankroll management rules

In our opinion, the minimum amount of bankroll needed to start betting professionally is 500$. If you have no such resources at the moment, you’d better take your time and scratch it up somehow. The main trouble with the bankroll is risky bets. Average profitability of a good punter is 25-30% of the bankroll size a month. And the punters possessing a small bankroll tend to place unreasonably risky bets hoping to increase their bank and then start playing more carefully. But at times there is no “then”.

Bet sizes.

We suggest that one bet should be equal to 5% of your set playing bankroll, or 10%. But don’t bet more! If you prove yourself to be a good player, this strategy will allow you to win long term. Remember that error is human, no one is perfect. Keep to this strategy you’ll find it easy to overcome hard times and wait until the profitable matches. If you place larger bets, 2 or 3 consequent loses (which is not so uncommon) will destroy your bankroll. Don’t be greedy. Remember, that a feather in the hand is better than a bird in the air.

We hope that this information was helpful to you. Try following our instructions and we guarantee that your results won’t take long to improve.

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